Kent Island's Multi Service Learning Center​

Remedial Reading  *  Common Core Math  *  EmPower Writing

S.A.T. test prep * Elementary Readiness 

 Critical thinking * Speech * IEP Support & Consultation

Junior Great Books * Gifted & Talented * Technology instruction 

Meet The Tutors:  

Patricia Cipriano's teaching highlights are her experiences teaching in AACPS, The Summit School,  Chesapeake College, and

My Kids' Tutor LC.  Ms Patti is Orton Gillingham certified with continuing education certificates in the areas of ADHD/ADD, Processing Disorders,  and Reflective practices.  

Christina Rafter's teaching highlights are her experiences teaching in the AACC Math Lab, and in AACPS. She received "Tutor of the Year" in 2004 from AACC!  Currently Ms Rafter teaches a Science & Math tutorial in PG county.